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Chiropractors/upper cramp like pains spread to sides of my breasts very painful


the pain starts in upper back cramp like spreads to both sides of breasts it starts usually when im sat down or in bed ave a bad back most mornings when i awake if ive had pain in upper back or not when i walk around or take painrelief it goes off usually dont no if its all related as different symptons and different pain to that of lower back pain in morning am in a lot of pain when it  starts and can last as long as a couple of hours on and off i have had ecg as i thought may be my heart  but tests were clear hope you can help diagnose whats wrong as  im worried it is serious with the amount of pain i get when it comes on thank you l jackson

Hello Lynda, Your pains are definitely in need of further investigation. My comments should give you some insight, but it is advisable to seek out a musculoskeletal specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Your problem if uncomplicated could be a slight misalignment of the rib articulation. Ribs move as you breathe in a complex pattern of bucket handle type pivoting and pump handle type movement to allow expansion of the lungs. With a small displacement of a rib, the movement becomes quite painful and of course the pain follows the line of the rib. A chiropractic physician is the most qualified specialist to help with this type problem.  You may also have a thoracic disc herniation. This is responsive to chiropractic treatment however it may take longer to recover. I would order an MRI if you were in the USA. You may have a different criteria for MRI referral in the UK.  However, an MRI of the thoracic spine is required if symptoms intensify or are unresponsive to a couple weeks of treatment. Please let me know your progress.
All the best,

Dr. True


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