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  I had something happen to me which I never experienced before.  I love to walk and walk a couple of miles a day in good weather.  One day I felt a clicking in my right knee.  It was painful but I thought I could walk it through.  But it didn't go away and sometimes it is painful, sometimes not but it is there all the time now.  What can I do about it and will it get worse?

In order to understand your problem and help you address it, I have a few questions. Have you had a previous injury to the knee? Have you seen any doctors? Can you walk up and down stairs? Can you pinpoint the painful spot on the knee?

Sometimes a knee problem can be simple where a muscle imbalance such as a tight quadriceps muscle causes the patella (kneecap) to snap as you bend the knee. Other problems may be related to prior injury or degeneration such as meniscus tear or collateral ligament sprain. In this case, an MRI of the knee is very important.  

Let me know if you are seeing a chiropractic physician.

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