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I have been having daily headaches that feel like a tension headache.  Also I noticed that when I look up and feel the back of my neck it feels like a muscle is bulging out a little and the when I straighten back up it flattens out again.  Is this how those muscles normally function.
I have been trying to figure out what is causing my headaches...before they started two things happened I stopped taking birth control and visited the chiropractor.  I know you can have withdrawal from hormones.  But then I felt that muscle in the back of my neck and wondered if something happened during my adjustment because it was the next day that the headaches began.
Would love to hear your opinion/feedback.


Going off BCP likely is not the cause of the headaches.   While it is true that being ON a BCP can render young female tendons to be a little weak, it would have nothing to do with your headaches.    As for the chiropractor, it is very common to have headaches as a side effect of joint manipulation to the neck.   If you are not getting some form of massage or heat pre or post joint manipulation, or are getting too forceful or too frequent joint manipulation, then that is what could be causing the headaches.   It's supposed to be the other way around, that the joint manipulation alleviates the headaches.  But, like with ANY form of medicine, there can be side effects if the "dose" is not correct.   In the case of high velocity joint manipulation, it can be dosed as:  too frequent, too forceful, not fast enough (often with newer/inexperienced practitioners who have not developed the smooth high velocity kinesthetic skill), or with the wrong type of manipulation technique.    In many cases, a little heat after and also some massaging, or, better, skilled myofascial release, can make a world of difference.   

I hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'  


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