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I have been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain for almost a year, I'm on norco, 3 diff muscle relaxer and valuim. I have had injections and now am with a chiropractor, He xrayed me and said my neck is straight and not curved and its basically shredding my neck muscles to hold my neck. I've been going for 3 weeks twice a week and using a tens unit. I feel no better. I have also consulted with a plastic surgeon to get a breast lift(even tho I'm only a C cup) because to wear a bra intensifies the pain drastically. At this point no Dr know what to do for me. Do you have any advice that would help?
Thank you

Hello I have treated hundreds of patients with the same or similar problems. I dont believe that the loss of the curve in your neck is Shredding your muscles but it most certainly is causing nerve pressure which in turn is causing pain and muscle spasm.I understand that you have been going for three weeks and I am ever hopeful you will stay the course and complete a minimum of 8 weeks at three times per week. I also would suggest that you get massage work done to the muscles of your neck in addition to your chiropractic care.If you feel that your chiropractor is not helping then I would get an MRI of the neck to rule out disc herniation. If you are positive for neck herniation I would suggest Cervical spine decompression.

You also might try a home style cervical traction unit such as this one

I need you to know I can not make any claim that this cervical unit will help you as I have not examined you personally so I highly suggest you read about this unit and discuss it's use with your chiropractor before using it.

Also i have referred several patients for breast reduction and this has helped in the past but usually this was done after my patients became mostly pain free.


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