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About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my whole right shin is numb. It isn't completely numb where I can't feel anything, but it is definitely noticeable when I touch it or am shaving my legs. There is no tingly feeling or pain, just lack of feeling. I had just started getting back into running and had really bad shin splints when it happened. I thought the numbness would subside after my shin splints healed up, but it is still there after 2 weeks, and no extra feeling has returned. This has never happened before. Do you know what it could be?


I am sorry about your leg symptoms... and sorry that it took a while to get back to you.  I have been out of the country for a few days, and just returned.

It is very hard to know the cause of your numbness in the lower leg, especially when trying to do a consult and examination through e-mail.  It sounds like, to me, that you are quite physically active. I am also going to assume that you don't have any lower back pain, since it is not mentioned.

I am attaching a couple of links:

In these sites, chronic exertional compartment syndrome is discussed.  This condition is brought on by exercise, relieved by rest, and can often cause pain, numbness, or tingling in the shin region.  Sometimes this will resolve itself simply with rest. It is worth a try.  The sites that I attached to this answer describe surgical intervention as the treatment. I personally wouldn't do this until I gave it a chance to heal on its own.  You can, with long term nerve irritation, cause a permanant injury to the nerve, resulting in a long term or permanant loss of sensation in the leg and foot.

As I said earlier, it is impossible to know if this is a good diagnosis match for you or not.  You should consult with a sports medicine specialist or an orthopedic doctor, and have a good examination.

Good luck, and I hope that this gives you some ideas.


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