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I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I am 17 years old. I am also a musician. I refuse to have surgery because I need full function in my hand to play an instrument. What can I try to keep full function and continue my music career?


I will need some further questions answered before I can give you a good answer.
1 Male or Female (sorry I cant tell from your name)
2 Have you suffered any direct trauma to the wrist
3 What instruments do you play
4 Which instruments cause you to flare up and why do you think you flare up, which ones dont
5 How many hours do you practice when does your wrist flare up
6 When you have a gig does the wrist flare up and is there a difference between a gig and a practice session that you notice.
7 Do you have any metabolic diseases ie Diabetes, Hypo thyroid etc
8 What is your employment and how do the requirements of your employment affect the wrist.
9 What treatment have you tried and what did you think of the results. Have you taken any prescriptions, have you had x ray or mri
10 How is your other wrist, are you right or left handed?
11 How long have you had it, where there any precipitating issues accidents or causes  that you think are associated with the onset.
12 Do you have any noticeable loss of grip strength when doing chores/ requirements of work or daily activities like lfting a gallon jug of milk
13 Described how you would "paint" your hand to show me where the pain/numbness is on the palm side or the other side of your hand (Volar side or knuckle side) is the pain in the wrist or hand?
14 is your condition getting better worse or staying the same.
15 Does it get so bad you have to stop doing what you are, playing instrument.
16 Does anything make it better, make it worse
17 what time of day is it better/worse
18 How long have you had the symptoms

My apologies if there any duplicate questions. Please answer andi will send you my opinion

Dr John Quackenbush


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