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I have a lot of inflammation and allergies. With all the allergies, you would think I would have a lot of drainage but I don't. My eyes, skin, you name it, is very dry.  My back always is sore, my joints always feel stiff and my body is always achy. My blood work is very normal. I had a diurnal saliva cortisl test recently completed and my morning, noon, and night levels were within range. My evening level (5pm) was high. I have no trouble falling asleep, but I always seem to wake up at 4 am. Like clockwork. I always wake up feeling like I didn't sleep. I recently had a sleep study done and they said I had a mild case of sleep apnea. I haven't gotten my CPAP machine yet, but that is the plan. My extremities are always cold, especially if the temperature is below 75 degrees. I am 56 1/2 years old, 5'-9" tall and weigh 175 lbs. I rarely exercise because I never have energy. When I do exercise I feel drained the next day and usually get a headache. My ENT Doctor just gave me a Rx for hydrocortisone. Do you feel that this would help me considering my symptoms? He feels it would. I would like your opinion if possible. Sincerely.



Wow you have a lot going on!!! Allergies are a very complex issue and it is my personal opinion that there are several alternative avenues to look into.
First and foremost you absolutely need to find a chiropractor, naturopath or even a a MD that studies functional medicine and parasites.

Right off the bat you are more than likely a candidate for a parasite flush. Listen i am a chiropractor so let me tell you a good parasite flush costs approximately 1000 times less than the testing to find out if you have a parasite. Im not talking about worms and leeches a parasite can be a one cell organism that can totally wreak havoc with your system.

Google black walnut husk, green walnut husk, green walnut tincture, cloves for parasites and do it yourself. Its easy and you cant possibly hurt yourself with this stuff...more is not better.

As far as your blood work it is too intense to address an issue like this on the internet and again you need to see a functional medicine healthcare provider.

I would never tell you not to take the hydrocortisone but I would tell you to look up the side effects on the internet and decide with your medical doctor if that is really what you should do. Be aware of the side effects and then ask your MD or even your DC "Would you take this given these symptoms?"

The Cpap is a good idea but Oxygen therapy is 150 times better. (This is my opinion and I cant prove it but you can got to my youtube channel and listen to what my patients have to say about it.

As far as exercise do as much as you can but I would limit it too walking on a progressive basis and any exercise that causes you problems you need to discontinue.

Hope this information helps your medical decision making when chooosing a healthcare professional in your area because this reply is not intended to be taken as medical advice to your health issues but to provide you with information on how to seek healthcare professionals that can personally and individually attend to your specific healthcare needs and issues.


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