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Dear Dr. Brian,

I did my gall bladder removal last October 23, 2013 due to the advise of my doctor that it may be the cause of my back pain  and leg numbness but after 2 weeks, there is no healing progress with regards to my concern so the doctor advised me to see a Ortho doctor then the Ortho Doctor advised me to see a Neurologist and this is the findings after the MRI:

MRI Lumbar Spine
Lumbar Spine was imaged using multiple sequences in multiple planes on a 3 Tesla Philips MRI Findings:
down from C1 vertebra reveals transitional vertebra at the lumbosacral junction; caudal-most most well-formed disc has been labeled as L4-L5.
Normal vertebral alignment is maintained.
Vertebral bodies appear normal in height and signal intensity.
Posterocentral disc bulge is seen at L3-L4 level, indenting the thecal sac.
No evidence of any other significant disc bulge or herniation.
Facet joints and ligamentum flavum appear unremarkable.
Lower end of the cord appears normal.
Impression: 1. Counting down from C1 vertebra reveals transitional vertebra at the lumbosacral junction; caudal-most well-formed disc has been labeled as L4-L5
Posterocentral disc bulge at L3-L4 level, indenting the thecal sac.

Then I have to undergo physical therapy and I have prescribed to take Celebrex 200mg for 2 weeks plus he gave me ointment.

I wrote to ask your opinion regarding the above because at first one doctor removed my gall bladder but the Neurologist told me, gall bladder has nothing to do with this and it should not be removed. Now I am confused and getting second thought, seems no longer reliable despite this hospital is a 5 star hospital. I even planned to complain this Gall Bladder Surgeon for immediately doing the surgery without taking consideration the other possibilities although he got only one stone (1.2CM).

Please advise as to whom and what should I know since I am scheduled in Pysiotherapist this  thursday.

Is this kind of abnormalities in my spinal serious? What are the do's and don't that I should do. I am hoping for your advise.

Thank and God bless you,


Darien Chiropractor Brian McKay
Darien Chiropractor Br  please try this and get back to me. That is me in the video. I think you should see a chiropractor as well. A disc bulge could be causing all your back issues. A decent chiropractor would be able to help if they stabilize your sacrum like I show in the video. I do not think your problem is serious, the pain is. The mri findings are not too terrible.Pls report back to me .
Thanks Dr.Brian McKay


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