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I've just rec'd the MRI report on my lower back.  I am having very bad pain in my left hip, leg and knee and across the groin area of the same leg.
The "impression" statement is:
"Small left Lateral disc extrusion at L3-4 mildly compromising the left L3 nerve root. Moderate degenerative facet disease at L4-5."
I am scheduled to see a neurosurgeon next week.  I am concerned that the "mildly compromising extrusion" could not possibly be causing the horrible pain I am feeling.
Is this condition fixable without surgery?
Thanks very much

Hi Ginger,

Based on your MRI and associated symptoms into your hip, leg, knee, and across the groin, it is relatively clear that the L3 nerve root compromise caused by the disc extrusion is the culprit. The L3 and L4 nerves innervate and give sensation to the upper thigh, knee, and groin area. When there is pressure on the L3 nerve root, the patient can feel pain into those areas. Nerves are very sensitive and even the slightest pressure can cause "horrible" pain.

As far as treating the condition, you do not have to opt for surgery for this. You can treat this through Non Surgical Spinal Decompression which is a painless and non-invasive way of getting the pressure off of the spinal nerves. Our office treats your type of condition daily which is why I am so confident it works. Coupled with proper rehab, you can be pain free and back up to strength in no time. Your neurosurgeon may recommend surgery but with the small extrusion described, I don't believe it is necessary yet. Feel free to contact a practitioner that does Decompression if you are not in my area. Feel free to follow up with any questions you may have. Good luck.


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