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QUESTION: Hi, I will try to give you some background information as I'm not sure what is pertinent.  I have 2 children, 1 & 3 years old .  With both pregnancies and especially this last one I had great difficulties with my hip and it was very hard for me to walk.I had my first ever adjustment then.  My ligaments tightened up again after I delivered and all was fine for awhile.  Now fast forward, I'm 15 pounds lighter than I was pre-pregnancy (the weight just fell off). I stopped breastfeeding after 7 months,  I developed horrible hormonal acne which I've never experienced so badly. Now that's finally starting to fade and I'm having troubles with my back which is escalating.  My hip started going out all of the time, and my neck and upper back are affected now as well.  If i get adjusted all is fine for a week or two but then I start slowly getting out of whack again, enough to where its a hindrance on my life.  I am wondering if back problems can be hormone related? It just seems like things are happening one after the other and its hard to think that they're not all connected to some root problem. Thank you for any input.

ANSWER: Jenny,
Please tell me more about your adjustments. What kind were they, how often, how many,do you exercise, have you had any blood work done,please describe how when and where your back pain starts and where it goes, has your period been affected, has breast feeding changed your breasts, are they sore, do they seem to follow a possible hormonal pattern (28-30 days) How did you abdominal muscles do with the pregnancy, do they sag or feel weaker than before the 2 pregnancies, did you have c section. Do you have any other signs of hormonal imbalance like being tired all the time changes in your hair or finger nails. Have you lost all or a lot of the normal amount of facial fat ( does your face look like you have little or no cheeks) Did you notice any of these symptoms with the first were your symptoms/health issues different or the same between 1st and 2nd pregnancy. Does thyroid run in your family? Please reply so I can answer your question

Thank you
Dr John Quackenbush

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QUESTION: Ok, I will try to answer all of those questions! I've had manual adjustments probably every month or so for 6-8 months.  My right hip is always higher than my left then my shoulders get out to compensate then it goes all the way up to the base of my skull.  Last time it got bad (last week) it was even giving me an ear ache from my neck being out, I have never been out that bad before.  I do not exercise per se but lead an active lifestyle (we run a fishing resort). I have not had bloodwork done lately, I went to the doctor asking for some of my levels to be checked 4 months or so ago and they just told me to wait it out. After my first pregnancy I had major fatigue.  I pursued the medical route and ended up at the Mayo Clinic with $5,000 worth of blood tests and a sleep study and all they could tell me was that I have a fatigue problem not related to my sleeping patterns. I do not have the same fatigue problems as last time, it got better when I was pregnant the 2nd time. This is the first month that I have not spotted in between periods, my son is 14 months old.  I am on birth control.  Breast feeding has most definitely changed my breasts, they are a cup size smaller than what I began with.  My breasts are never sore.  My abdominal muscles are fine, my body bounced back very well from pregnancy physically.  I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants less than 2 weeks after delivery and I gained 40 pounds.  I naturally am very fit, like I said I don't necessarily work out but I have good muscle definition and feel strong. I did not have a c-section.  When my skin was really breaking out my fingernails were horrible too, they were peeling off way below the white part.  Now that my face is clearing up my nails are much better too.  My face looks the same, I have not been told that my face is skinny although everyone likes to comment how skinny I look.  I lost a lot of weight right after my first pregnancy too.  I started out at 5'9 and 150.  After my first pregnancy I got down to 135 lbs then obviously gained weight when I got pregnant again.  Now I am back down to 135.  I am not trying to lose weight, I still eat a lot and have always had a healthy appetite.  I did not have any of the back issues with my first pregnancy but during my second pregnancy, the hip issue showed up a lot sooner than the first and caused more of a problem.  No thyroid problems run in my family and they did check those during the last stint of tests with no abnormal results.  Hopefully I got things covered.

Thank you,

This problem will not resolve with just adjustments alone. Although you did answer my questions I will have to defer or refer you to a chiropractor who practices functional medicine/nutrition.

a site where you could start to find this type of doctor is I wish there was more I could do for you but with seeing you personally there is litte more I can provide. Your issues are more involved than what this advice site can provide. Please check the website above or try andsee if they dont have a referral system.

Good luck


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