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I have suffered from chronic hives/angieoedema and urticaria for 6 years. I have had to have steroid shots epinephrine shots and Benadryl shots all at the same time. I have been tested for lupus, connective tissue diseases, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, many blood tests and have had thyroid tested and all have been normal. I still have severe hives and have to take just about every histamine medicine there is to get any relief. I now have the so called "buffalo hump", severe back pain in the lower thoracic area on right side of spine that limits my range of movement greatly, excessive facial hair, crave sweets and salt and i'm weak and tired all the time.
Could I have severe adrenal dysfunction that is causing my back pain and hives? Osteoporosis? PLEASE HELP!!

Dear Tashia,

I am sorry about all the suffering. It is imposible to diagnose and treat through the internet, but some of symptoms that you describe could be signs of pituitary and/or adrenal cortex hyperactivity, or "cushing's syndrome".  

This is not within my realm of expertise.  This is likely beyond what your family practice doctor wants to deal with as well.  You need to see an endocrinologist, MD for a correct diagnosis. You should do this ASAP.

Good luck, God bless

keith biggs DC


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