Dear Dr Kaldy,

I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in the cervical area of my neck. Sometimes when using my arms, I get a numbness/weak feeling in both hands/arms,this makes my whole body feel very weak and my heart beat increases. When this happens I have to sit/lie down because I feel as If I am going to pass out. Although it does'nt last long, it is frightening because I feel so awful.

My neck is painful and very stiff at times. Do you think these symptoms are caused by my neck. I had a slipped disk 3 years ago in my lumbar area and had the weakness/heavy feeling in arms/legs for about 3 months and could barely walk or use my hands. I was nearly passing out then too. I still have lower back pain when bending over for a few minutes.   

I should have had an MRI scan 2 weeks ago but felt very dizzy, so had to cancel.

Would a CT scan be okay for my neck or is MRI scan better.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Merrill,

To answer your question quickly as possible, as long as you have no metal implants an MRI is better to evaluate soft tissue and discs.  It gives a higher level of detail with regard to what the degeneration may be doing to the nerve roots and the nerve root foreamen (opening space for nerve).  Yes, I do believe that your arm numbness is a possible effect of your cervical spine issues.  An assessment by a chiropractor would be a great thing for you.  Find someone who uses "decompression based mechanical traction"  and manipulation to the neck.  It would be a good to start "postural" exercises for the neck as well.   Best wishes.

Dr Kevin Kaldy

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