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Thanks for your service. Im an otherwise healthy 40 y/o male. I was diagnosed with scolosis ( between the shoulders) as a teenager but it never required treatment. The last few years I have had periodic neck discomfort, stiffness and pain. Lately it has been more persistent with burning and tender to the touch. It is the top of the neck.WHen I bend my head forward I can feel it and it comes and goes. I have also started to experience some right arm fatigue that I feel may be related. Is this somthing a chiropractor could manage? Thanks (PS-- I have symptoms of ligh headness and equilibrium issues that I saw a cardiologist for and he ruled out heart problems. I just wanted to throw that in there)

Hi Dave,

Absolutely, this is the kind of stuff we are trained to diagnose and treat.  See if you can find a DC on one of these sites:  and     Remember, no x-rays!   Unless you have hard neurologic findings, e.g. you lost a reflex in your arm, or you have signs of having a tumor, no imaging needs to be considered until you've had at least a few weeks of manual therapy.   Other items, like some exercises might be provided, and that is a typical package for dealing with conditions like yours.   If your arm fatigue is related to a nerve-entrapment condition, like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, or possibly from a bulging disc in your neck, you still must try conservative care first before jumping into imaging or other, more aggressive procedures.   If all goes well, you'll be feeling pretty good in a few weeks.

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'


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