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I have had an ongoing pain since November 2012 which began in my mid to upper back. It began as a constant dull ache predominantly on my left side, more infrequently on the right. Over time the pain has progressed and referred into my side (below the armpit), upper abdomen and more apparently over my shoulder blade, lower half not top of shoulder, this pain 90% of the time refers into my upper arm.

The pain in no way limits activities but hasn't yet subsided since when it first started, it's just always there.

I don't like taking NSAIDs unless strictly necessary because either way they simply mask the problem, not solve the underlying issue.

I just wondered if you could maybe hazard an educated guess as to what area Iím most likely dealing with i.e. muscle or potentially something else, and also, do you realistically believe it would be worth visiting a GP over it or because of the lack of severity perhaps not.

I live in the UK and despite the fact it's completely free healthcare, I can already envisage - the doctor will suggest taking anti-inflammatories and resting it as soon as they hear the words 'back pain', I know all too well how they work unfortunately.

What would you suggest please?


Hello Rachel,

I have some ideas, and you have provided some great clues, however I need more information.

Here is what you have told me: pain is predominantly on the left,  pain  has been present since this past November,  pain now wraps around the abdomen, arm pit and shoulder blade.

Please send a private message:  I need to know: which shoulder blade, when specifically in November, age, height/weight, do you have pain or tenderness just under the right rib cage?  Do you notice the pain cramping more frequently?  Think of a muscle spasm, does it grab you? For that matter does it seem to be grabbing you more frequently and holding intensity longer?  
Finally: in  novemeber,  what where you doing when the pain started?  Had you lifted something bent over to pick something up?  Give me an idea if what your activities where when the discomfort started.

Dr. Kaldy


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