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I am a 58 year old women who has suffered from agoraphobia ,panic attackes and ptsd. I am very phobic of death and i worry about every little symptom i get but lately i have had terrible twitching in the legs that last for hours,also random twitches in the day whilst sitting and index finger,i get these electrical twitches when i lay down to sleep,they are like electrical currents of twitching that runs all over both legs,also when i make my index finger into a circle by touching finger to thumb my index finger twitches, i have had low b12 but i have been eating b12 foods,this seem to come on when i kissed my friend who had zoster virus that went to his eye,Could this be a virus. I have no weakness i am just so scared it may be motor neurone although the home muscle tests i do say it is unlikely.i cannot sleep for these twitches,
Can you advice me and if not tell me who i could talk to about this issue,i do not see my doctor for another two months
any help would be appreciated.How does one lose their fear of death,I am so scared ,i have been up all night and this is happening frequently"
could my meridians be blocked or maybe a pinched nerve in buttocks or back
I pray you can advice me"and i thank you for taking the time for this scared lady

While I can provide you some ideas regarding your hand and arm, the psychological portions of your questions would best be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist.  

With your hand what your are performing is called opposition.  This is usually a test a doctor uses to assess the abilities of the carpel tunnel.  With the twitching you are experiencing, it is likely a shoulder or elbow issue that needs to be assessed by a chiropractor.  Further it is likely there is a misalignment in your neck at about the c5 level due to the fingers that are twitching.  There are many chiropractors in Australia,  I highly recommend finding one.  If after a few treatments you don't notice atleast 50% improvement you may have other problems.

Also, some medications can give you this twitching sensation in your muscles.  I don't know what medications you are taking but this can be looked at when you see any doctor.

I am sorry but these problems are not something that you cannot correct at home with simple exercises, stretching, etc.  You will need a chiropractor.

Best wishes,

Dr. Kevin Kaldy
Chiropractic Physician

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