Hi. My 19 year old was recently told she had mild scoliosis.
Since junior high she complained of back pain when standing long periods of time. High school she complained of hip pain as well as back pain. Now we hear she has mild scoloisis and we are wondering if its connected. The thing is, she always was tested over the years for it and they always said she did not have it, til college. Recently she noticed that one foot turns out away from the body when she walks. No one can tell unless looking for it. Is there anything that you can suggest? Is this all related to the mild scoliosis?

Hi Melissa,

I don't think that the back pain is totally related to the mild scoliosis but it is a contributing factor to it. This sounds like an issue with muscular imbalance and lack of core/muscular conditioning. In other words, the specific muscles near the spine and the supporting core around them are not "strong" enough. I would recommend that first she visit a good chiropractor with sound skills in not only spinal adjusting but also muscle work and rehabilitation of the spine. I am partial to sports chiropractors who have advanced training and skill in these cases but most chiropractors understand the need for proper rehab. The foot that turns out can be due to multiple things including excessive pronation of the foot/feet and also overloading of the external rotators(buttocks/hip muscles). Again, a good postural/orthopedic exam should be able to determine this. A mild scoliosis can be corrected and/or maintained and the back pain can be relieved with proper treatment of the spine and core muscles. I hope this helps you and feel free to follow up.


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