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Please help, I am so consumed by something that occurred at my drs office this last week & feel very unsure of what to do.
I was referred to a chiro a month ago from my pcp following an Auto collision I was rear ended in. My symptoms were unable to look over my right shoulder, limited neck motion & tingling sensation on & off in my right arm. On my first visit I thought the dr was so very nice, chatty & friendly guy. He informed me how fabulous he is & that he lectures all over the world as well as being chiro/sports therapist for pga tours. My first treatment was pretty std  usual adjustment and the electrical stim on my shoulders and neck. The only time I felt uncomfortable was when he sat behind me and asked me to bend over and touch my toes and I was only wearing a gown. On my next visit  the doctor decided that it was a muscle in my chest that was responsible for the tingling in my right arm. He decided that I should have the electrical stim on my front. He also suggested ultrasound Treatment For my chest this will be performed by the nurse. While the nurse  was performing the ultrasound He came in & pulled my bra and gown Down to  completely expose my right breast. I was embarrassed and uncomfortable. On the next visit he insisted the same thing & to remove my bra so that the nurse could do the ultrasound on my chest again. Afterwards he came into the room and performed a series of exercises with me but removed my gown  from  my breast for the Duration of treatment. On the next visit I decided to leave my bra on  after the nurse left the room he adjusted me and then told me that I have chest wall adhesion  & he needed me to remove my bra so that he may show me some exercises. He then pulled my gown down so that was around waist. He placed his hand under my right breast  & massaged it upwards then switched to my left breast, he then swapped hands to massage the insides of them. He said that this was to loosen the muscle of the Chestwall & I should do it in the shower each day. He asked me to do it myself whilst he watched. Me massage each breast. Please bare on mind I have never complained of chestpain. Non of the treatments performed by the nurse hurt my chest although I was told on the first attempt. Nor did I suffer with pain the following day as she explained I would have if there was indeed any damage to my chest. I repeatedly told the dr &  nurse that my chest was not & had not been sore but that my neck still was & very painful when I tried to look over my shoulder. When they performed the u/s on my neck & upper back on my 5 visit I suffered all of the side effects expected.  I'm scared to question or report this hot shot PGA chiropractor because its my word against his. In my heart I feel his treatment was unnecessary & perverted but what of I am wrong? Please advise if it is common practice for a chiro to massage breast tissue when complaint is for neck/shoulder. He claims the chest muscles were pulling my shoulder forward resulting in the neck pain. I await your opinion. Thank you


From what you are describing, this is sexual misconduct.   It doesn't matter if he is the doctor for the Queen of England, you were not comfortable  nor were you fully informed of what was going to be done.   Further, it's odd that you never complained of chest pain.    It is common practice for chiropractors and others to do soft tissue release work on the chest wall.   However - and a big however - you, the patient, should be fully informed what is going to be done, why it is going to to be done, and if you are comfortable with the procedure.   There should be no sexual touching of breasts at all.  There is no need to be bare chested for many chest wall soft tissue methods.   Electric stim' on the chest wall is questionable and has no logical therapeutic basis.   For the sake of all other female patients in that office, and for the sake of the PGA, please send this information to your state's licensing board.   If your doctor did nothing wrong, then his notes and his staff will have to justify it.    There have been many cases of sexual misconduct that go unpunished because the patient is embarrassed to expose the doctor.   Get a copy of your records.   If it is a car crash injury (and, thus, a legal file) you might have a lawyer obtain them.   It is also common courtesy for a doctor to send records at no charge to other doctors.   Get the records ASAP, preferably while standing at the front desk so there's no monkey business.   If it is an electronic record, they should be done and signed off and should print right off the computer.  If the doctor has not signed off on the notes, then there is funny business going on.   If you are uncomfortable doing this, ask your lawyer or your PCP to get records sent ASAP.  Send your question and my response to your state licensing board and they will investigate.   You need to do this.

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