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Dear Sir
I have suffered from an undiagnosed left Si joint dysfunction for 2 years untill pinpointing my pain one day to a chiropractic dr stated that the pain that was radiating in my left buttock and thigh was an si joint problem.
 Now after 3 wks of core stabilization excersices and stretches ( Don Tigny ones) i managed to be free of that left pain . However i noticed that everytime i am relieved from the left pain ,i suffer a tension or pain on the opposite side . This pain is near to my Right si joint and mb also felt over L5 vertebra on that side. I asked my chiropractice dr again <he said most probably because of my pronation on the left foot , i am suffering a posterior rotation of the innominate and aan ortho custom fit in my shoes will solve the problem.
  Note i have a difference in weight between my rt and left foot about 10 kg more on the right . Also i have a first grade spondolythesis at L5 L4 with pars fracture.
my question is ..
1) what is the cause of that  pain on the right side especially after i wear my belt and do my excerzies although my left is now completely pain free?
2) will the custom ortho solve that problem or cause more damage ?
3)Please advice me on what to do?
Thank you for your reply ,time, care and response.
Thank you

HEBA- well you sure seem pro active so kudos to you. You seem to be very knowledgeable as well again kudos to you.
A grade 1 spondylolisthesis is where my concern is especially with a pars fracture.So I would need to know if the fracture is traumatic or not. If it is traumatic this may be out of my league. Lets assume that it is not acquired. Your chiropractor needs to stay off L5 and focus his/her work on sacrum. So my answer is to look at sacrum. A straight p-a thrust can help a lot. The fact your symptoms shift is also telling look in the middle- sacrum for answers. Sacrum can deviate laterally as well as posterior so ask your chiro to look at this. I think orthotics can only help stabilize and certainly not harm so if your chiro feels they are right go with the recommendation.
3- Since you are in Canada I won't be stealing you as a patient but have your chiro call me directly at 203-656-3636 so I can consult with him/her. I truly enjoy helping people maybe we can help you as well.
Thanks Dr Brian McKay


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