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Chiropractors/difficulty walking. pain, lack of sleep,...!!!


QUESTION: HELP!!  Will Upper Cervical be my answer? I will try to list ALL my issues according to years- to try and shorten.
1981- car accident-thrown from car-not breathing / given mouth to mouth - massive head injuries (LEFT eye crossed - lost memory)/unresponsive-several days later discovered I broke my T-3 and T-4.In hospital for a month - no surgery / put on striker frame for healing-back brace for several months.
1992- bout of optic neuritis (LEFT eye)- told to go off birth control pill/ high estrogen-never another problem.
2001- neurologist/Columbia Mo told me I had MS. My faith said NO and did not take interferons!!
2002-carhighjacking/abduction/assault-  Hit SEV times to LEFT eye sinus cavity-fracturing it. (kneck??)
2005- Trigeminal face pain- had a cyst removed behind LEFT ear the size of an egg.
--Really noticed walking getting worse from this incident. little at a time
2007- wearing MBT to help improve walking-fell taking full fall at nose/right eye- breaking nose
2012?- went to MAYO Minnesota-trying to find answers-NUMEROUS test and told me I had MS from MRI's but it had not progressed, and should be at my age then48yrs.?? Did not send me home with interferons, but to return in a year for another MRI- which I did not. Gave me a cane, and I now use regularly:(
2012-diagnosed with Lymes Disease- now taking Heprin shots.
My walking has steadily gotten worse after 2002 incident!!
Neck is always stiff, hard to turn it comfortably! Cant sleep on stomach. Uncomfortable to sleep at all!! MRI's show LEFT hip is lower and tilted in. LEFT leg drags and scuff toe. Hips hurt.Right shoulder is higher.Legs are weak.LEFT side of abdomen protrudes out more. After sitting, hard to stand and walk!! Difficult and hurts!!
Am I a walking mess?  Would upper cervical help??  I started researching after seeing Montel Williams, and MS diagnosis. Then read all about and REALLY wonder.
PLEASE tell me if this is my answer because every day is MISERABLE!!!!  Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!! Debbie

ANSWER: Miss Debbie,
I am sorry to read about all of your trouble over the years.
You ask me if Upper Cervical is the answer for you and the only way that you and I will really know is for you to get checked. If you do indeed have an upper neck mis-alignment and pressure on your Brainstem then Yes, I can help you.
Because your Brainstem is the most important part of your entire body, it is certainly a possibility that this is exactly what you have been looking for and what you need in order to get well.
I will tell you that with all of the injuries that you have had as well as the signs and symptoms, it does very much sound like an Upper Cervical Specific problem.
Let me know if you have any other questions, I will make myself available to see you as soon as you are ready to be seen and I certainly hope that I can help you.

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QUESTION: I pray that upper cervical is, because MAYO Minnesota said to quit smoking and come back in a year.  I needed results and desperately do now! I forgot to mention that since 1981 car accident, when I put my chin to my chest I get a tingling in my feet and lower legs.  Always shrugged it off to a nerve touching one of the vertebrates, from back break.  One vertebrate was broke off and the other misaligned.  Never surgically put back.  No pins,etc- just striker frame and back brace.  You said to call.  Your office and ask to speak to you? I am desperate!! Quality of life is less and less:(  I am considering retiring this year from teaching to focus on me. I have BlueCross Blue Shield of KC insurance.  Do you accept?  Thank you!!

Miss Debbie,
Do you have pictures of your neck in your possession?
MRI, CT, X-Rays that include the base of the skull and the upper cervical spine?
If you do and you truly want to see if I can help right away, I would be willing to see you at my office tomorrow (Sunday).
As far as any Insurance goes, I am out of network for all of them.
If your insurance has out of network chiropractic then you would be reimbursed according to your agreement with them.
Feel free to call the office and leave a message including your phone number, I can talk with you later today regarding any further details.  
Dr Robert Arnone
St Louis, MO  


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