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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Arnone,

I had a DC do "orthoginal" method on me and he said I needed to come in 3 time per week for several weeks to correct my middle back pain problem.   Is this necessary?   I'm a 48 year old fitness instructor and in generally very good health.   


ANSWER: Miss MaryBeth,

Yes, Atlas Orthogonal Treatment is very valid.  Especially since the Atlas holds up the head and protects the vital Brainstem.  You just have to be sure that the doctor you are going to, knows what they are doing and are absolute experts in this work.
Give him a chance if you believe he is honest & credible.  
I also know of a great clinic in the Watertown Area if you ever need a referral, they do not use The Orthogonal Technique but do focus on the Brainstem, like I do as well in St Louis.

All The Best,
Dr Robert Arnone

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QUESTION: Thanks, Dr. Arnone, but how come I cannot find any research on this?   Do you have any references that validate the method beyond the chiropractory doctor and you just saying so?   This is costing a lot of money and I'm looking for facts and not just heresay.

Thanks, MB'

Miss Marybeth,
In my office we have copies of research and studies done on various cases and conditions as well as many testimonies from satisfied patients to prove our work does indeed work.
If you want to see some of that I encourage you to simply start out by going to and clicking on the research tab on the left side.  They will guide you into various studies and abstracts of case studies and research work done on various conditions from different chiropractic techniques.
Another great one is going to  she is a chiropractor in Colorado that practices the same technique that I do here in St Louis, Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific.  She has done extensive research and documented results from various cases.
Let me know if you need to see more after you have gone through the hundreds of articles, etc.
I also had a clinic doctor when I was at Life who now is the head of 3 different research journals which is full of many successful results.  If we need to I can send you in that direction as well.
There is not a lack of proof that Chiropractic Works, there is merely a lack of understanding from the public.
The big obstacle that we face is to educate the public as to what chiropractic actually is and how it can be of such benefit to most children and adults. The 10% of the world that are patients understand but the 90% who are not have no idea.

All The Best,

Dr Robert Arnone
St Louis, MO


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