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My friend was recently involved in a car accident.
as a result of the accident he suffered 3 fractured ribs.
I believe he was diagnosed with acute fracture of ribs 8,9,10.
His Chiropractor is performing chiropractic adjustments using an activator.
Is this safe? Everything I read online states that for Acute Fractures is the worst type of fracture, and can even be life threatening if he moves to fast.

Dear Michael,

I understand your concern for your friend. I am sorry that he was hurt so badly.  

To be honest, he is getting more movement and forces occuring through his ribs with simply breathing and/or getting up and down and moving than what he is getting throug an activator adjustmnet. In my mind, the activator actually induces little or no motion to a joint, and its affectiveness in relieving pain can be attributed to simple mechanoreceptor nerve stimulation.

Of course, the chiropractor and the patient have to make appropriate decisions "on site".  I would take care to not apply the acupuncture over the fracture lines themselves, but I would not hesitate using the activator on the spine segments of a patient with rib fractures.  I would NOT, on the other hand, use any type of high velocity, low amplitude manual manipulation on this patient.

I hope that this helps you. Tell your friend that I am sorry that he was hurt so badly, and that I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

Keith E. Biggs, DC


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