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I went to see the Chiropractor about tingling on my left side, arm, leg and after several visits the tingling sensation decreased in my arm and leg but my left side of my face began tingling.  After a couple of more visits the tingling has become a tightness in my jaw line up into my cheeks where I smile.  The nerve endings seem like they are on fire and it's quite painful.  I've had a MRI and now my chiropractor has suggested a CAT scan.  There was a 24 hour period between adjustments that my Chiropractor hit the right spot and I had no pain at all, I wish I had not gone back for my next appointment to get another adjustment, cause now he can't get it back or undo what he did.  And when I first mentioned the facial pain he looked at me like I was imagining it.  Do you have any suggestions?

Thank You in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Miss Lynn,
Yes, I have suggestions for you.
First of all, a general chiropractor is usually good for most people and is certainly better than drugs or surgery in most cases.  We have seen that there are a few cases that require more precise, specific, accurate, and conservative care than others for best possible results.  This is what we teach our patients, because we specialize in the Upper Cervical Spine and practice a brainstem procedure that is very precise.  
If you are having trouble and a general chiro is not getting you the results that you are looking for, after giving him or her a decent amount of time to help you, then it may be time to move on.
Another sign of trouble is a chiro that will always adjust you, thinking that more adjustments are better.  
It is not the number of adjustments that gets you well but rather the holding of the proper adjustment for an extended period of time to allow for proper nerve flow and blood flow as well as alignment and stability.
If you want to give your chiro more time to help you then do that.  Otherwise, you should seek out the care of a specialist.  We practice a brainstem procedure because it is your brainstem that is most important and what runs everything else in your body including your brain.
If you would like my help in trying to locate a specialist that I could recommend to you, please send me your town and zip code.
Please understand that I will not just send you to anyone, I would either know them or could investigate them and feel confident that they could help you or I would not send you to them.
Many people have to travel quite far for this specialized care and for them it is worth it when they are going to a very good doctor.
For example, we have many people from other states or other countries come out to our office and we help over 90% of them.
All The Best,
Dr Robert Arnone


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