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QUESTION: Can you recommend a neurologist in St. Louis, MO that has experience with brachioradial pruritus?

ANSWER: Miss Valerie,
Yes, I can recommend an outstanding neurologist in St Louis for you, but I only will do so if that is exactly the step that is indeed needed.
So, can you tell me first what the problem is so that I can best guide you in the right direction?

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response.

My mother has been suffering from an ailment which matches all the systems of brachioradial pruritus.  She has been to several doctors, including a dermatologist, that have been unable to help her.  

She has been experiencing extreme itching from her forearm up her arms, sometimes to her shoulders.  The itching sensation is so horrible that her scratching sometimes even causes her arms to bleed.

She has tried every anti-itch cream on the market, to no avail.  For awhile, hydroxyzine provided some relief, but it no longer help.  The only thing that helps is holding ice packs over the aggravated area until the itch subsides somewhat.  She is often unable to sleep due to the symptoms.

She has had much sun exposure, and does have back pain, though no specific injury to the cervical spine.  Based on my own research, it seems a neurologist might be the logical next step to determine if, in fact, it is brachioradial pruritus, but Id feel better seeing one that has experience with this syndrome.

Miss Valerie,
Your welcome, I am here to help.
Now, over the years I have seen many cases of unexplainable arm sensations such as - itching, pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm, decreased movement and others.
Over 95% of these cases have been attributed to cervical spine misalignment and/or some degree of spinal degeneration which we were able to resolve after proper care. Less than 5% of these cases needed to be referred out for neurologist care which then consisted of strong nerve blocking medications with many side effects or spinal surgery.
Your Mom does not necessarily have to experience neck pain to have neck trouble that causes these symptoms.  Has she had any cervical spine films taken in the last 6 months?
There is a 99% chance that I can find the problem and a 95% chance that I can help her, with a 5% chance that she would need to be referred out.
With those odds I would highly recommend her having the specific consultation & examination done right away and then go from there.
There is a reason or cause for this happening and masking those with drugs does not correct that cause.  It can cover it up or change it some, but does not correct it.
So it would be highly likely that she would either need to have it corrected through specialized corrective care which is safe and effective and affordable and usually helps or surgical care which typically costs much more, is much more dangerous, and should be resorted to as a last choice if spinal correction would not be the best option.
Does that make sense?

All the best,  


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