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Hello Dr G,
I have been having pain at the end of rib at my right back side while sleeping only. I have shooting pains comes and goes and ESp very hard to sleep on my right side. And now it has been hard to sleep on my left side too. I get bit relief when I lie on my back . I don't wake up much at night but at mornings, it's painful. This has been going on for now one and half month. I thought before it was because of exercise and wrong stretches but now when I read your advice about having organs disease if there is pain while sleeping only! I am worried. I don't have pains at day time at all while working till now!  Please suggest me what it could be and where should I go and which kind of doctor to seek advice to? Your suggestions could be really helpful.


Go to your doctor and get a blood test that has a full "panel" of items, including liver enzymes and substances that elevate if there is a problem.  This is a typical or standard blood chemistry panel.  Your doctor will know.    Also, a hands-on physical exam can be helpful as well, just so your doctor can be sure nothing stands out as abnormal, such as pain when pressing on your gall bladder, or finding abnormal lymph nodes.   This is what you have to do.

If all checks out okay, and you don't have an organ disease, then find a good chiropractor to work on your back.

'Hope this helps.

Dr. G


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