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I read another question/answer on here about slipped rib syndrome. I have been dealing with this for 15+ years, but it the last two years it has gotten much worse and is very painful. The other answer mentioned getting a block to help with the pain. What type of doctor would I see for that? I have had both facet injections and medial branch blocks done on my lower back more than once. These were done by the pain specialist I see, but he does not do rib problems. So I need to find a different doctor to treat the slipped rib syndrome, but I don't know what type of doctor I should look for. I have PPO insurance, so I do not need a referal from a primary doctor. Thanks for your help!

Hi Christina,

I would guess that the pain management specialist would be the first choice.    The problem is that not all are comfortable doing procedures outside of the routine spine injections, so you'd have to ask around.    You also can consult a thoracic surgeon.  They could comment on the possibility of a rib resection procedure.  

I hope this was helpful.

Dr. G


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