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I was injured back in 2011 at work and was told by the company doctor that I had a thorasic sprain/strain as well as a rib that popped out.  I was referred to a chiropractor to try and munipulate the rib back into place, but after a few treatments the pain was not getting any better.  

In one of my visits the chiropractor had me bite a hand towel and really made my rib feel uncomfortable.  I was released after 3 weeks of light duty, but ended up re-injuring the same area and was referred for x-rays.  The x-rays showed a fractured rib at the T6 level. The rib has since healed but I have now been dealing with the pain that just wont seem to go away now and have also been diagnosed with chronic low back pain and chronic muscularskeletal pain.  

Could it be possible that the chiropractor may have actually made my condition worse and is it possible that the chiropractor could have fractured my rib by trying to push the rib that popped out?

If the the chiro fractured your rib, you would of known it when it happened. It would be an immediate onset of severe pain. Where any xrays taken before your visit or on the first visit to the chiro? Did you keep going back after the visit that provoked the rib pain? Ribs are usually a risk to injury in the elderly due to osteoporosis. If you show that there was no fracture prior being treated by the chiro, then you may have a case to prove it occurred during treatment. If it was injured during the chiro visit, it should show a healing fracture on the most recent xrays. If you had a rib strain, it sure could get aggravated with the chiro working on it, however, it's usually due to the doctor being to aggressive.


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