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Greeting doctor, I m a very active young girl and recently my sport coach notice that my back is not straight but rather a hunch back. I m having a lot of problems with my back too from the middle half of my back down I would feel pins and needle but from the middle half up I feel a lot of pain especially in my neck area. I went to my physio just to check what they can do and they said that my neck and back is kind of out of alignment. My question is should I go see my local chiropractor or should I stick with my physio? And what can I do to help with the pain while sleeping?

Hi LInda,

I hope I can assist here.   I don't know your age.  Younger than 17?   You need to get more objective data, not just an opinion about alignment.   Do you have a "rib hump" from scoliosis of the spine (google this)?    Do you have an excess amount of curvature in your thoracic spine, also known as "hyperkyphosis?"   If you are over 17 years of age, there's not a whole lot you can do for scoliosis.   If you don't have scoliosis (or if you do and it's minimal), but you do have hyperkyphosis in the thoracic spine, there's a chance you have something called "Scheuermann's" disease, which is not uncommon, though less found in women.   If you do, it can be a source of pain and stiffness if you are very active.   Maybe you have none of these conditions and you simply have a sore, repetitively strained spine.   If so, a good sports chiropractor can help.   If you're an Aussie', then look for a sports chiropractor via this site:       With a well-skilled chiropractor, you can get a thorough examination, diagnosis, and the right type of treatment.   We successfully treat these conditions all the time.  In summary, it would be helpful to have a little more information and data from you in order to provide a more detailed response.    

Good luck with this.  

Dr. G'


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