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 I am seeing a chiropractor regularly, however they are a bare bones clinic with adjustments only.  They think that I either have disc problems with L4 and L5 of that my muscles around my hips are so tight that they are causing the pain.  I am getting radiating pain into my leg as well.  

 How frequently should I get adjusted?  Will massage help, and how many massages are needed to relax very tight muscles?  What else can I do.

 I have been walking frequently, heating and icing, and rolling on a foam roller, but it seems things are not progressing much.


Hi Margaret,

Typically the chiropractic adjustment can resolve most cases of back pain. However, if the problem is due to a disc herniation or protrusion, basic adjustments can help alleviate pain temporarily but will not resolve the central issue. Anytime you get radiating pain into the leg, it can be assumed that you are irritating the nerve root in the spine or somewhere in the hip/buttocks muscle. I would initially suggest that you get an MRI to confirm or rule out a disc condition. If a disc condition does exist, you may have to switch your care to a clinic that offers conservative solutions for disc injuries like spinal decompression or flexion/distraction therapy. If a muscular problem is the cause, I would recommend finding a sports chiropractor who can perform soft tissue work into the muscles along with the adjustment as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

As far as massages go, they are great for relief of the tight hip muscles. They will also be temporary if the cause of the pain is not discovered first though. Again, I stress further testing like MRI and also an orthopedic evaluation. You are doing all of the right things already with the heat/ice, foam roll, and activity so keep it up but do find the right cause of your pain. Feel free to follow up with any questions. Good luck.


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