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Have you seen Runner's Butt with tennis players? I an a very active 50 year old competitive tennis player. During a tournament a month ago I ran for a lob and felt a jolt of pain in my buttocks/upper hamstring. I have been to a chiropractor and he has helped but the problem has persisted. I am wondering what I need to do to strengthen or prevent this from happening. This is the second time on this side (over a three year period) and it has happened once on the other leg.

Hi Kristie,

Yes. Surely.  Runners Butt is just like saying Tennis Elbow.... you don't have to play tennis to have it.   It's just very common in runners.   If you're playing tennis, then you are running in short bursts.    Every time you step forward and lunge in preparation to swing your racquet, you rapidly engage your hamstrings and deep buttock muscles.  While the muscle is like an elastic band, the tendon is like a piece of (monofilament) fishing line.  And the big fish is the buttock bone that is part of your pelvis.  The line can break, so to speak, or fray.   MRI is the only way to know for sure.    For strengthening, you must do 1-leg deadlifts first and foremost, and I'd also advise to do 1-leg knee dips (both on my web site).    Someone has to do Graston Technique around the hamstrings and butt, and also some active fascial release through the area as well.   Hip joints should be mobilized, and pelvic joints adjusted.   As a sports chiropractor, I feel is important to check knees for stability, and ankles/feet for joint fixation and loss of joint motion.    Tape is also real helpful, and the best one out there now is RockTape.   However, all of this is useless if you have a torn hamstring tendon.    If you do, then you simply have to rest.   While various treatment modalities including ultrasound or laser, light therapeutic exercise, and chiropractic manual therapies might (or might not) be helpful, rest seems to be the only way to get it to calm down.  For how long depends on the individual...weeks to months with no tennis or running, which I know stinks if you are a competitive tennis player.  


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