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iam 36 years old. My problem was
Sacralization of l5,gd1 retrolisthesis l4 over L5,diffused disc bulge with posterocentral extrusion and inferior migration at L4-5 compressing cauda equina nerve roots and causing secondary lumbar canal stenosis. I had a hydrolesis surgery on 30th march, but after 2 weeks got infected and my CRP went upto 98.however, it was controlled but i never got rid of pain.After 3 months again MRI was done which says:
Difuse disc bulge at L5-S1 with broadbased posterocentral protusion causing mild thecal sac indentation with B/l neural foramina compromise with heterogeneous altered signal lesion in Anterior epidural location in left paracentral location abutting left S1 nerve root? Sequestrated disc fragment ??Inflammatory /Granulation tissue.
How much my surgery went successful? How to get rid of pain and this problem . please advice.

Hello Sangeeta,
I am sorry that you are having such difficulty with your lower back.  Based on what you wrote, I really do not have any good news for you.  With a sequestered fragment,  pain can be severe.  The only option you have with this condition is another surgical consultation and most likely surgery.  Sequestered fragments can cause severe problems , including neurological damage if not taken care of quickly.

I am sorry for the not so great news,  please keep me posted with your outcome.  The removal of this fragment should give you significant pain relief.

Best  wishes,

Dr. Kevin Kaldy
Chiropractic Physician

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