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hi, ill start by saying i went back to my chiro yesterday after obviously far too long a break, but havent discussed with him if some of these symptoms need other care.  im 46, healthy, 10-12 lbs overweight but work out often and eat pretty clean, treat wholistically as much as possible.  have a recurrent issue with pinched nerve in neck, manifesting in headaches or pain and limited movement in neck and shoulder.  was under control for a long time and then these random symptoms showed up: recurrent sinus infections during winter; bells palsy in early april which seemed to clear quickly;  pain and sensitivity in right eyeball in late may, controlled with sinus meds and worst upon waking - could feel pressure of fluid moving in head, like after a spinal tap; led to blurred vision in right eye which is constant and still remains (like plastic wrap over one eye); eyeball pain subsided when sharp, stabbing pain behind right ear began - also can be controlled by advil but only for a couple hours, sometimes moves into side of neck or back of head and is not brought on by movement but is random;  few days ago, bottom of earlobe where pain most often occurs started feeling rubbery numb, like end of novacaine.  slowly spread to side of neck and has moved to back of head and other side now.  pain remains only on the right.  tonight, lips are beginning to feel tingly numb and all numb spots are very itchy but cant be scratched as its deep inside.  back of shoulder is very tight, chiro said almost like torticolis and can feel normal residual tightness in neck.  tingling behind neck which shoots to back of legs when i bend it forward sharply.  mri of head during bells palsy was clean, thankfully, and no reason to suspect stroke or tia.
so i know chiro care will fix much of fhis but not sure if i should worry about the blurry vision with an eye dr. and am also a little worried about lyme disease as ticks are common here in coastal va.  no memory of a tick bite tho.  last, brother has and mom died of (presumably) m.s., so a little concern in that direction too.  your opinion on how this may all tie together is greatly appreciated!

thank you.


I think the best thing to do would be to see your primary physician to rule out any serious neurological issues and then return to the chiropractor. These symptoms may be related to your cervical spine (neck) and chiropractic care can help relif them. Maybe try a chiropractic neurologist or one that specializesin Chiropracticn Biophysics. You can google this for your area.  They are more trained in these types of conditions.

good luck!

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