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Hello, Im a 27 year old man who is a competitive olympic weightlifter.  My back cracks a lot, there is no pain when it cracks but it does so very easily.  For example when I stretch my back will crack.  If I do a stretch where I raise my hands over my head my back cracks in between my shoulders.  At times I have taken a deep breath and my back cracks.  this mostly happens after I train.  What is the cause of this?  Is this something to worry about?

It is pretty normal for this to happen. However since you are a weight lifter you would do yourself a big favor and start seeing a chiropractor once in a while. You work your muscles but what about the axial skeleton that holds all the muscles together? They work together. Treat your spine to an adjustment. The nerves will work better since they connect to the brain via the spine through the muscles. I can refer you to someone personally in New Jersey. I know several good chiro's. Shoot me an email and tell me where you are located and I will get back to you.
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