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Good afternoon!  My daughter was in a super-bad tornado in the middle of May.  She has two spinous process fractures that the doctors have told her "may or may not heal".  I wld like to send her a care package with things that may help.  I have Fibromyalgia and diff issues w/ my back/neck, so I know what things have helped me, but I'm not sure that it wld be the same to help my daughter w/ her pain.  She's only 23, I wld so hate if she had to deal w/ this pain forever.  Do you have any recommendations that may help her pain (she has a very hard time even sleeping b/c of it).  Unfortunately, she has NO insurance, so I'm not sure we can do anything other than try to manage the pain.  Do you know of any government resources that cld possibly help her to get good medical help w/ this?  She lives in TX, Hood County.  Thanks!   Kris

This is a very tough situation. I witnessed my step son who had to make it through a fractured transverse process. Let me tell you I totally misjudged how much pain is produced from these kids of fractures. The tough part is a bed that I might think would work or help and it might actually make things worse. If she were in the hospital they would be giving her pain medication through IV drip.

The only good thing is that this being a fracture will heal with time and will form a callous formation of extra bone and the spinous process will actually be stronger than before. Plus being as young as she is is an advantage.

i do not know of ay government sources that would help her. If she was in her vehicle at the time automobile insurance would be a viable possibility. have you looked into state assistance or state insurance.

I wish I could be more helpful but there really are no specific products out there that I know of that will help her. Maybe sleeping in a "lazyBoy" type chair will help. I realize this must be frustrating but there really are no specific answers that I feel will help. I would have her experiment with pillows to prop her body in what ever fashion gives her even the slightest bit of relief.


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