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Dr. McKay,

In my 30īs I started to have lower back pain, but not so strong and only somtimes.  I am now 43 and several weeks ago I attempted (stupidly) helping my brother-in-law move a small refrigerator.  Soon after the incident, I was in total pain and could barely walk.  After about 3 weeks or so, the pain is still there, but I have much more mobility.

I went to see my orthopedic doc here in Berlin, Germany.  He said that I most likely have a disc problem, although from a standard x-ray he cannot be 100% certain.  Oddly, he did not order an MRI, but it wouldnīt make a difference because I have claustrophobia and cannot go into the machine (even an open MRI is not an option ... tried it and failed).  He then went on to say that 50% of people walking down the street have lower back problems, he prescribed some pain meds, and sent me on my way until next week.

I am wondering what my options are.  Would chiropractic techiniques help me?  The pain is not so severe, but it is almost constantly there ... even when sleeping.  Thanks so much.

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Dr.McKay Chiropractor  
Matthew- Every Hammer sees a nail. So yes a Chiropractor will recommend chiropractic care for your condition as described in your email.
 You are like 80% of the world with a back problem. we are living longer and sitting for greater periods of time weakening the muscles in the lower back and hips. So besides needing chiropractic care you need to address muscles weakness and flexibility.
 I think you are a nice guy helping move a small refrigerator but do you really think this act of kindness caused the problem? It has been going on almost 13 years. See a chiropractor, get regular exercise, massage and try yoga for increased flexibility. When combined you should lead a mostly pain free life.
Dr Brian McKay
PS  A fish oil supplement will help with the muscles and joints.


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