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My mother who is 77 yrs old slipped and fell. Fortunately, she didn't have any fracture. However, she has been complaining of severe pain in lower left back and sometime the pain in the same leg. She can't walk or even sit for more than 5 minutes due to pain. Some of lower vertebrates has crushed on to themselves but that was long time back (almost 15 years).

My question is that now the pain management doctors are suggesting this steroidal injection in her lower spine. Can chiropractic help her in her age. She is already on pace-maker as well.

Hello Sohail,

   Yes, Chiropractic can help her.  Adjustments and soft tissue/ muscle work may give her great relief.  A doctor of Chiropractic will be able to diagnose a underlying disc injury if there is one too.  Have her ice in the mean time!

Have a great day,

Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.


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