I am 55
Three years ago, playing soccer with my kids, I injured both knees. The right one was a strained MCL, the left I tore the meniscus.
Doctor said exrays looked OK, time and tylenol.
By this spring they had not improved, the left still painfull, and the right would give out.
In frustration I saw a accupuncturist. After ten treatments, he was able to resolve the pain in both, and pretty much 'fix' the ligament issue.
The one with the torn meniscus will not let me walk, which for me is golf, more tha twenty minutes without becoming painfull. This pain last for a full day, then completely goes away.
More accupuncture treatments did not help, he said to stop playing golf. No can do, I need the exercise!
Question 1: Is this now arthritis?
Question 2: Would seeing a chiropractor help?

Surely, Bud, seeing a good quality sports chiropractor would help, but you must be sure it is a sports chiropractor with certification from either the ACBSP or FICS.   You'd have a doctor able to assess you orthopedically, evaluate your biomechanics, examine your soft tissues such as tendons and fascia, and then have the ability to switch hats from doctor to manual therapist and provided highly skilled joint mobilization, manipulation, soft tissue therapy and low-tech rehab all together.  Places to look would include: or   Also helpful for cross referencing is providers and certified kinesiologic tape providers, e.g.;     You may need better arch support to change your knee loading mechanics.  One of the best prefabricated foot orthotics is via;  This will work if you have flat feet, or significantly overpronated arches.  If you have a high arch and stiff foot, this absolutely will not help and you would need a custom molded, softer, high-arched orthotic, e.g. Sole Supports.   If you can find a sports chiropractor with training in advanced forms of soft tissue therapy, and who can provide the right kind of orthotics and other services, then you're in business: back on the golf course!   

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'  


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