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My fiance went to a chiropractor and the next morning he is in more pain than he was before he went. Is this normal? Also, is there anything that we can do at home to help relieve the pain?

Yes.  Sometimes this happens: an adverse reaction to treatment, or reaction to the physical examination process which can be challenging, e.g. bending and being pressed on per orthopedic exam.    He should call the chiropractor and tell him/her that he is in more pain - exactly the same that he would do if he had a bad reaction to a medicine:  call the doctor that prescribed the medicine.     Odds are he just needs to apply 30 minutes of a bag of ice cubes and it will knock out the pain.   Ice at 30 minutes every 1-2 hours.   No chemical packs, bags of peas, etc.  Ice in bag only, and directly against the skin.    That should help.   The chiropractor could also change the methods used for treatment, and sometimes having a painful reaction to treatment gives the doctor a clue about the diagnosis, e.g. a disc irritation verses just a stuck pelvic joint, and thus he/she can modify the treatment approach.   

'Hope this helps.

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