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Ill try and be brief,I went to a chiropractor for a neck adjustment,he pulled my head, I suddenly felt dizzy,then he turned me over so fast and pulled my leg I didn't know what was happening,now my hip is out of wack,my leg feels horrible,my back feels twisted,both sides of my neck hurts constantly,and my butt on the right side feels fat,I now feel lop-sided,this is all on the right side,except for my neck it is both sides.What the has he done to me,is this repairable,what can I do Please help.P.S.the next morning I was so disoriented I did not know where I was.

Hi Debbie,

That's really too bad you had such a bad experience.  It shouldn't be like that.   First of, was this the first time to a chiropractor?  Did he explain what he was going to do at all?    The dizziness most likely is from neck strain or a condition called BPPV (benign positional paroxysmal vertigo).    Each resolve.    If you get a wave of dizziness on head/torso movement, and it stops if you hold still, odds are its BPPV.   The BPPV sometimes requires a special exercise, often done by "vestibular specialist" PT's.  Often it goes away in one or two sessions.  Go ahead and Google "BPPV Help" and you'll see what I mean.   Your neck and hip likely were strained, and some massage, heat/ice, etc will help it resolve.   If your chiropractor is a decent guy and if he is a good doctor, then you should be able to bring this to him directly so he can examine you and address or fix it.   You would do the same if it was your MD and you had a bad reaction to a drug, right?   If you're not happy with the chiropractor find a new one.   Avoid offices that see huge volumes of patients where you're only seen for a minute.  Ask around, including your MD-PCP, to see which DC's have better skills and reputation for providing quality care.    Post treatment soreness is very common after any manual therapy, and for some people they are sensitive to joint manipulation and tense up, causing their muscles to get strained.  It's the DC's job to soften up and prep' the areas so that the joint manipulation goes smoothly and comfortably.  This can simply be by massaging, or with more advanced methods, e.g. or or Active Release.   Maybe you didn't get any soft tissue prep work.    

I hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'


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