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Hi, how are you. I have  had this shoulder surgery. The surgery involved  reattaching my Rhomboid Muscle and my Lower Trap Muscle to my scapular spine since it was detached. MRI does not show if these muscles are detached. The Surgeon have went in and noticed it. When he did my exam, he had a feeling these muscles were detached, but can't say, until he goes in with a open surgeon of the scapular. Once again, I am in chronic pain. Went to a massage therapist. She has told me that my lower trap muscle has come loose and feel off the scapular spine. That is why I have unbearable pain. The question I have is it possible for a massage therapist to make that observation. Sh have noticed it on my first visit with her. According to this surgeon, MRI does not show this. That is true, I spoke to about 5 patients that had this surgery, and the MRI was normal. I am writing m doctor a letter regarding what the massage therapist have told me. I believe she is telling me the truth. I have been to 5 other massage therapist in the last year, and they told me that I have scar tissue issues, and it would take about 10-20 visit to see a improve to get rid of scar tissue. This Massage therapist has studies abroad and has many degrees in all aspects of the human body. Also she told me, I have scar tissue, but that is not causing the unbearable pain. Again, is it really possible for a massage expert to notice the trap. is off the scapular spine. I don't want my Orthropedic doctor to think I am a fraud. .  He may see it is impossible to notice that, but he is not a massage experts. Thanks, Todd.

First and foremost get the radiology report that was generated by the radiologist who read the MRI and see what it says. If you don't understand it then just type in the results in a reply to this question and I will let you know what it says. Also take the original MRI films and the radiology report and get a second opinion. Quite possibly with a thoracic surgeon.

Having 5 separate MT tell you have a muscular problem is a definite good to excellent diagnosis probability...remember they have physically felt your muscular structure and that's  what they do all day long so I have a tendency to investigate everything a MT tells my patients.

As far as the pain is concerned I would see an Interventional pain management Doctor who will inject the specific site where your pain originates and this may help also.  


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