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for a few weeks now (have this off and on a year) I have a pain deep in my left armpit that is also felt near the left boob, on the bra fat and around to my spine and as far down as my waistline...feels like a rob...xrays say no..chest xray ok...when I use the arm it worsens(shoulder also) and I am 54 and diabetic...I am scared reading about cancer symptoms...all the mentioned areas also hurt to touch...taking Narosyn...any ideas? Also tennis elbow in that same arm and bursitis...some times it feels like a rush of warness quickly coming and to touch...shingles blood test negative for currently having shingles..the area sometimes burns...I have many neck and back issues requiring disability C 4,5,6,7,herniations,neck spurs, spinal stenosis, spondylolistheses, DDD, etc...also carpal tunnel in that left hand and even palm pain...worried about cancer, worsening neck/back and heart issue doing new meds same ones 10 yrs...hypertension, severe chronic back pain meds...sciatic pain also...when in phys thereapy last week they told me to do crunches and as I tried the first one I screamed and all the pains I described above were noticed which also included my collarbone and above left breast..I cannot exercise much but I am my moms only caregiver and she hold my hand and pulls on me a lot to get up/down...even left hip hurts badly..Phys therapy dropped me till futher eval but after above tests, Dr said nothing showed return appt

Hello Nae,

   You may need a MRI of the spine and left shoulder.  This will show where the impingement is, x-rays will not.  Also you may want to consult a Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the spine after the MRI to see how the previous injuries compare.

Have a great Day,
Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.


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