About a month ago I started having pains in my chest on the left side, really tight back muscles pain in both arms off and on and sometimes it feels hard to breathe. On Monday I saw my chiropractor who did an exam and adjustment and he said I had twisted my rib cage and had 2 ribs out of place completely. What is a twisted rib cage and how do I make sure it doesn't happen again?? What exercises are good for helping this problem?

Thank you!

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The ribs move. Since they can move they can also go out of place or subluxate. They are meant to protect your vital organs. The fact that your chiropractor was up on the ribs impresses me. Please tell him/her that I said that.
There are really no rib specific exercises. Anything that involves heavy breathing will help ribs because it induces movement. You can exercise the pectoral muscles and the shoulder girdle muscles. Ribs being bones you really cannot exercise. Muscles you can exercise obviously.
While you cannot make sure it does not happen again you can maintain yourself with regular chiropractic care. That would be determined between you and your chiropractor.
How it happens, this is where I get long winded.
Have you ever fallen down?
Have you ever been in a fender bender with your seat belt on?
Are you susceptible to allergies? excessive sneezing can make this happen
Are you asthmatic?
What sports do you play?Golfers can get this with a bad swing, Tennis players with a huge overhand are at risk
Have you shoveled snow recently. people tend to do this on one side of the body
So the possibilities are numerous on causative factors.

One thing I would want to add. Have your excellent chiropractor check your sternum the end point of the ribs on the front of your chest. some patients have chest pains because the ribs are out in front.
Seriously, I commend your chiropractor. I welcome your question and hope I have answered it to your liking
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