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I have had adjustments where an activator was used before, even by my current chiropractor. Today I laughed at something someone said about one of the "seminars" that the practice likes to have. Basically getting ppl in a room to tell them how they can avoid cancer with regular adjustments... I went in for my adjustment afterward and he used the activator along my spine very aggressively. It was tender when I got home & I asked a family member to tell me if it was bruised. Not only is my low back bruised, there are significant welts in each spot where he used the activator on me. I want to know if I am being paranoid that it was possibly intentional or if this kind of bruising is common.


It's quite unusual to get bruising and welts from an Activator instrument, so I wonder just how hard this was pressed on your body.  Also, if you are on blood thinner meds, bruise easily, or have some other frailty, then that might be a factor.  Regardless, maybe you should consider going to a more modern, rational doctor of chiropractic and not someone who just uses that Activator gizmo...and someone who doesn't have those little "seminars..."   There are many top-notch doctors of chiropractic in Texas.  Surely you can find a good one.  Consider looking at or to find a quality doctor.

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