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Robert,          I am a 43 year old male who been experiencing nerve pain. I notice the pain several minute after waking. It seems to originate on the rear deltoid, but there is pain in the under the brachioradialis and the dorsal side of the hand. There is no numbness in the extremity. I notice the pain worsens with shoulder pronation, shoulder depression, wrist extension, and forearm pronation. Cool air on the back of the forearm intensifies the pain. The pain will lessen usually diminish on its on. I usually sleep in a fetal position with my affected hand between my knees. What nerve would would cause this?

What you are describing to me is in most cases due to a brachial plexus compression at or near the root where it exits the cervical spine making this more of a neck issue. It may also be caused by slightly higher up in The Upper Cervical Spine where a misalignment here compresses lower brain stem or upper spinal cord. I would recommend starting at the top and if that doesn't solve the problem work your way down. You need a doctor of chiropractic to help you that will take films of the spine and will do various testing before and after a specific adjustment to assure that you are moving in the right direction. If you need help in locating a recommended doctor in your area, I may be able to help you there as well.
Sleeping with your neck flexed forward and to the side that posture could bring on the symptoms you are suffering from.
Sleeping on the shoulder or hand with compression there can also contribute to the same symptoms.  


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