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     I am a 43 year old male who been experiencing nerve pain. I notice the pain several minute after waking. It seems to originate on the rear deltoid, but there is pain in the under the brachioradialis and the dorsal side of the hand. There is no numbness in the extremity. I notice the pain worsens with shoulder pronation, shoulder depression, wrist extension, and forearm pronation. Cool air on the back of the forearm intensifies the pain. The pain will lessen usually diminish on its on. I usually sleep in a fetal position with my affected hand between my knees. What nerve would would cause this?


Your sleep position could be putting tension on the radial nerve.  Curious why you don't also have tingling into the fingers, especially middle and index fingers.  The nerve tension also could be coming from higher up, in the region of the brachial plexus behind your clavicle (collar bone), where there are trunks and branches of nerves that gather together to form the radial nerve (as well as ulnar nerve and median nerve).  There could be adhesion formation tethering one of these nerve structures.  Previous injury to the neck or the shoulder makes you more vulnerable to have this.   Find a chiropractor who has training in or and who understands how to assess for nerve tension.

'Hope this was helpful.

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