I am a 35 year old male and was diagnosed with partial sacralization of L5/S1.

I have limited range of motion... if I keep my back straight I can barely bend over. The rear of my pelvis is slightly pulled up as well.

In keeping active, I try to stretch but I can get not get close to my toes (more like my knees.)

I do have a history of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in my spine that is unrelated. (It was at T12/L2/L4).

Can a chiropractor help me gain range of motion where I could possibly touch my toes.?



The bottom line is this: if your bones have the room to move into a better range, and you're only limited by tight soft tissue structures such as tendons, connective tissues, muscles, then there surely is a good chance that manual therapy by a chiropractor (or others) can improve your range of motion.   However, there are varying degrees to non-Hodgekin's lymphoma and I don't know how extensive yours is at your vertbeba.  As for the sacralization, many people have this and there are no symptoms or issues.  It's just an architectural alteration.  There's very little likelihood that it has anything to do with your range of motion.  If you, as a kid, could never touch your toes, then odds are you never will.  Touching your toes and having back pain are two different things; one has nothing to do with the other.  Nevertheless, you can try to regain your motion with the combination of chiropractic joint manipulation and various soft tissue release methods.  You'll know if there is improvement after a few sessions, and if there is no viable improvement after a few sessions, then odds are it will not work.  You should search out a provider on these sites:,,, and  

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'


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