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I have been experiencing scalp tingling for the past couple months now. This is pretty much the only symptom. Occasional my scalp will be sensitive when I comb it or when I am washing it. The feeling I get on my scalp is tingles and can feel prickly and like something is crawling on it. I have had an MRI and blood work which came back all clear. So I was just wondering what could be causing these weird sensations. My neck is currently bothering me more than normal and do suffer from anxiety as well. Could these be the reasons for my problem?

Thank you so very much for your time.


Good to hear your blood work and MRI are clear. The scalps sensation is innervated by a combination of cranial nerves which means nerves with in your skull and from the cervical nerves that come from your neck.The nerves that may be causing your scalp to itch could be coming from the cranial nerves the cervical (neck) nerves.

The fact that you are experiencing neck pain may possibly be a clue and may be caused by pinched nerves in the neck especially high up in the neck called the occipital nerves.

I highly suggest you get a chiropractic examination and see if in fact that you have pinched nerves. If you take care of the pinched nerves it will help you with your neck pain and if these pinched nerves are also the cause of your scalp tenderness and tingling.

On another note please rule out any cleaning or grooming products that come in touch with your scalp does not cause any irritation such as in an allergic reaction.Always make sure your combs and brushes are as clean as possible. Hey who would ever think you have to clean your brushes or combs? Answer people who are trying to find out why their scalps tingle! (SMILE)Also your laundry soap because you clean your pillow cases with it. Even if you have been using any of the above mentioned products you could still develop a reaction to just about any product.

So let's say you did all of the above and still experience the tingling I would suggest that you seek out a medical doctor in pain management that will inject the occipital nerves to see if that will stop the tingling. This does not need to be done in a surgical center but should be one in an office environment to save you time and money.

I sincerely hope that this information helps you with your medical decisions.


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