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I am 81 years old.I have been treated for back pain about every 2-3 months for about 8 years. one year ago I injured my neck and told it is torticollis. I've tried many treatments and now tried a "new" chiropractor. She claims my problem is my severe scoliosis and she can "straighten me out and cure my neck" She states my "old" Doc only masked pain all these years, but didn't "cure" me.
Is it realistic to change my structure at my age? Each treatment just causes more body parts to hurt and neck still wry.

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Dr. McKay
Dr. McKay  
You wouldn't happen to be the Ginger of my dreams from Gilligan's Island would you?

 Let's begin with congratulating you on getting the idea that chiropractic can help you stay in the game of life. Even with a scoliosis. I won't confirm or deny torticollis diagnosis, it is enough to say your neck hurts and you need relief.
 I disagree with your new chiropractor's notion that your scoliosis is causing your neck problem. The reason I say that is because you have had the scoliosis for a long time. Long before you had a neck problem. My experience has been that while a scoliosis looks bad on x-ray there is a great deal of stability. The body manages to get the job done just differently. I think that to change your structure will only cause you more pain. How about stabilizing it and maintaining it as a solid plan of action.
 Maybe it is time to find a new chiropractor or go back to the old chiropractor you were using.There are many different types of chiros finding the right one may take some effort but will be worth it.
 I still want to know if you are the Ginger I am thinking of.If you are that Ginger I still love you.
         Dr. Brian McKay

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