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QUESTION: It started about one and a half years ago. For about 2 nights in a row It felt like I slept on too many pillows. The 3rd day I got the most awkward, creepy stun sensation in my head /back of head I have never experienced it before and it stayed around all day. I then went to a jumpy house and did a small somersault which flared my head up even more (felt like you were stunned in the head). Nothing on my body hurt accept head, about an hour later the pain under my right shoulder blade hurt and I couldn't stretch it out to relieve it. Not much later my left arm started doing the pins and needles thing. I dealt with it for about 2 weeks and went to the doc a few times and during the next month they gave me sterioids, inflammatory shot. Nothing seemed to work. He said we may do an MRI on your neck since your havng back pain, he said 90% of back pain is from Neck. So i started seen a chiro and nothing worked, she would use the clicker and then roll me over in a ball and pop me. I was seeing her 3 x a week for about a month. Nothing worked and in fact the pain was in my neck now and it even my chest muscles were sore. I got an xray and it said i had whiplash and the C of my neck was actually the other way. I ended up getting and MRI of neck and everything was okay. Few months later after having anxiety and depression i tried another chiro since my left ear has now started pins and needles and one adjustment i felt 90% better. My pain is always C3 and C7 T1 T2 area. (not sure if mri picked up t1 and t2) I have to go to the chiro once a week to alleviate my pain. I have headaches daily and even the left side of my skull above ear and behind it is always tender and you can feel the muscles as if they are swollen. As my  neck pain gets worse i involuntary clench my back teeth. I am going to a physical therapist but all she does is soft tissue message and electrotherapy. I do 2 stretches and that's it. I feel like im not getting any better and maybe there is something they are missing? My left arm still is achy which comes and goes. The physical therapist says im pretty tight on my left side but not that bad. I dont know if the dizziness (feels like im still moving) is from the headaches or neck pain. I feel like this came on before my somersault but it added to it. I am willing to try anything, i think my next step is getting another opinion from another doctor. I just dont know why im not staying in place when she adjusts me and that's why she suggest physical therapy to help the muscles but its been 2 weeks and it only seems to be worst after she plays with my spine (she also said she cant move C3 to the left) It also feels good to rub the area where c3 is but its also almost nauseating. Should i get an mri of my T1-T2 area? I feel its a trouble area from the pain i get. PS i do spend 3-4 hours a day on computer, i use good posture and i get up about every 3 minutes to print an image so im not sitting for long periods.

ANSWER: Miss Serena,
Head and neck problems are not something to take lightly, especially when accompanied by more complicated symptoms like dizziness.
I always recommmend a specialist be sought out for conditions like this and so that is what I would recommend to you too. If you are able to send me your films of your head-neck region I could analyze those for you to find out just how bad things really are and what could be done to help you.

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QUESTION: I would love to let you take a peek at my MRI is almost a year old, how do I get this to you? I know I can get a copy of the disk do I mail it to you or is there another way? And what kind of specialist am I looking to go see and do I ask my doc for a referral?

ANSWER: Yes you can mail me any discs or you can email any pics that you may have digitally.  As far as finding the right specialist for you, I can likely help you with that.  You can also tell me what major cities/towns are in your vicinity.  Be advised that many people come to my office from other states and cities and even countries at times. So if I find you someone it may be a one or two hour ride sometimes even more.
I am most concerned with finding who I feel confident will be the best doctor to be able to truly help you by correcting the cause of your trouble so you can get well, not cover it up with drugs or therapies.

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QUESTION: I live in Houston, Missouri. Closest big cities are Rolla, Springfield and then St. Louis. I appreciate any help I can get!! Thank yoU!!!

I have had some patients that have come from that area. It is kind of a ride but they only do it for about 3-4 months and then once they are better they back off and get checked about once per month or so and then stop coming in because they feel good.
I don't know if this is a possible option for you or not but I can tell you on the first visit if I can help you or not so it would not be a waste of time or money. I usually can help, but if I can't I can refer you to someone who can.
One way or another we always win, so we will figure it out.
All the best,
Dr Arnone
Sr Charles, MO


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