I don't know whether I am in the right segment or not, but I just don't know in what segment to look for my condition.

See about half a month ago, I tripped and fell, my lower face got hit with the wooden table and my left leg joint got affected as well, I got a few small bruises on my leg and near the jaw.
It was nothing serious, applied some antiseptic and now all bruises are cleared up, but last night I felt a big lump on my leg joint that was affected by the fall, its a bit big , no odd color, no pain but I can feel the lump, the same goes for my jaw, although the jaw is really small and is not visible, but a small lump can be felt, once again no odd color, no pain.
whats wrong

The lumps are due to pooling of blood in the fat and connective tissue under the skin, they may eventually be absorbed and go away over time. This lump is called a hematoma and are common after a deep bruise and often remain after healing has occurred and are not a worry, more of a nuisance. Have your doctor check them out if they remain large or tender or bothersome.


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