My Chiropractor said I have (posterior??) pelvic tilt.  He wants to straighten it with adjustments and traction's 3 times a week. The traction's hold my hips down and lift my pelvis. He is talking about doing this for about a year.  I have completed about 3 weeks and am feeling better, but he has no intention of taking another x ray any time soon to see if it is better.  Also I was reading about adding exercise to my stretching routine.   I think he knew I have been exercising and he told me to not do any, so if I have pain from the contractions he will know it from the machines and not the exercises.  I feel like I am being set up to be strung along... what do you think?

Hi Ron,

Yes, you are being strung along.   He is not going to fix pelvic tilt with traction.  Doubtful it will change with exercise, either.  The angle of your pelvis is what it is.   It might be changed ever so slightly if you have collapsed arches and wear a high-arch foot orthotic, and if you have really weak abdominals and hamstrings and you make them very strong.  Otherwise, it's not going to change and taking x-rays is folly.  You go to teh chiropractor to get out of pain, feel better, move easier, function with more strength and ability, and not to change your pelvic angle...   This can take a month, not a year!   Ask him to pull out the "CCGPP" Guidelines and show you where there is the parameter to treat for a year to correct a pelvic angle...

'Hope this is helpful.

Dr. G


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